Hydraulic Material Testing Presses

Hydraulic upsetting presses for the material testing of wire with a piston pressure of 500 to 5,000 kN. These are optimally suited for the compression testing of wire samples with a maximum diameter of 45 mm and are also available as a double press with integrated cutting device.

Upsetting function:KAMAX - Hydraulic double press Z 50 N / Z 50 N
The compression height can be modified and the test standard adjusted as required. Rolling and annealing defects can be detected in the sample thanks to the classic formation of cracks. Fitted with a protective device in the event of breakage of the test sample or the tool.

Cutting function:
Using the cutting device, the samples can be precisely cut to the required length. The sample is cast without burr and with an even shear plane. Cutting blades are selected on the basis of the wire diameter.

  • Special designs available on request
  • Devices for notching, breaking and bending

Hydraulic double press Z 160 / Z 315
  • New model
  • The new electrical control optimizes the format adjustment and maintenance
  • Optionally, the presses are delivered with a noise insulation